Who are we

The idea of riding a longer distance was born round 2017  in Danny’s workshop.
Passioned by bikes , and owner of a Specialized Turbo Levo, he wanted to go further and faster. He did not want to have to worry about a second battery in a backpack. It is dangerous and not comfortable. He started crafting with his first Extender on his own, but with only little satisfying result. But he wanted to do better, using only the best components on the market.

To accomplish this, he started to surround himself with a small group of hyper motivated bikers (all of them with around 20 years of practical knowledge) from all the corners of Belgium and Europe.

He listened to all their ideas and improved his extenders. For the development of the plug and ride system he counted on his friend Jacques who has more than 45 years of electronical experience.

He distributes his products to his test-drivers, all Levo Turbo owners, and picks up their feedback. His extenders have extensively been tested riding thousands of miles, in all weather conditions and on all kinds of tracks in Belgium, France and the rest of Europe.

All the products are 100% tested and safe. It only takes a few minutes to go back to the original configuration.
He polished the details and is proud to present you with a reliable product which we cannot wait for you to try and enjoy it as much as we do.