Warranty condition

Garanty according UE laws


Normal wear and tear/reduction of battery capacity is not covered by the warranty 

Batteries lose capacity over time. A battery may lose up to 15% capacity per year. Li-ion batteries also lose capacity when not in use. If batteries are not charged in time and a deep discharge occurs, this is not covered by the warranty. A battery should be charged at least once every 2 months after first use. If security seals are broken or products are opened without our permission, all warranty is void. If there are any problems with our products, this must be reported via our mail address, the pieces must also be sent to our workshop. After receipt we will send as soon as possible the deposited items.

Parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as motor cables, are guaranteed for 6 months .

Warranty is not transferable, unless you notify us personally via our mail address that we can adjust the data.  The original invoice must also be delivered with advance sales, this to avoid incorrect installations.  

We are not responsible for any damage in case of non-compliance with our installation instructions.

Delivery instructions 

We are only responsible for delivery within Europe. This means that the billing address is the final destination for us! . As of this delivery we take no responsibility for any further progress of lost or delayed parcels.