Extender Levo 2019- 2020 / Kenevo 2020 Bottle 252 Wh Flat-Top

A bottle-shaped battery integrated in a bottle-holder is the genious idea which Danny developed. It’s made with an ON-OFF switch.

 This is a battery extension set that discharges at the same time as the original battery of your Levo.

Both devices are connected by a plug and ride system composed of Ideal diodes and realized with the MOSFET technology.

Available in 252Wh Flat -Top
All conform CE and RoHS

Installation takes no longer than 25 to 30 minutes. You don’t have to cut any cables and don’t have to modify the original components. The kit includes all the installation material. You only need some Allen and Torx-keys.

For more information or to order this product, please contact us.

    • 20 cells Sanyo GA3500 Mah 7Ah
    • Li-ion/ 20 A Bms
    • Modified cable for Specialized Brose engine Models 2019-2020
    • Plug and ride system
    • Waterresistant IP64
    • Adapted bottleholder
    • Levo battery adapter
    • Charger 110V/220V 2a
    • Weight: 1.4kg /18cm long
    • Capacity: 700 to 800 chargements
    • Sealing plug (for cleaning)
    • Velcro
    •  CE European waranty
    • Tsunami  Mud and rain cap for extreme weather conditions
    • Key holder Levo Range Extender
    • Compatible for LEVO 2019-2020 frame S- M-L-XL