Levo Range Extender

You are riding an EMTB, so you love the fun! But would you like to have more fun?? Enlarge your playgrounds, go further, always further and longer. Boost your limits and come back home with a big smile on your face.

Stop the scary feeling of having to return pushing your bike.
No more range anxiety is what we are offering you with our Levo Range Extender!!


What is it.
This is a battery extension set that discharges at the same time as the original battery of your Levo.

Both devices are connected by a plug and ride system composed of Ideal diodes and realized with the MOSFET technology.

It will give you 252Wh or even 378Wh of extra pleasure or 50% to 75% more capacity . The installation only takes 25 to 30 minutes and requires no mechanical knowledge at all.

Our products

Extender Levo 2019 – 2021 / Kenevo 2020 – 2021 Bottle 252 WH FLAT-TOP

Extender Levo Bottle 252Wh Carbon 2018

Extender Kenevo Bottle 252Wh FLAT TOP 2018-2019


Extender Levo Bottle 378Wh Alloy 2016-2018
(only for XL frames)

Extender Levo Bottle 378Wh Carbone 2018
(only for XL frames)

Extender Levo Gourde 252Wh Allu 2016- 2018


Engine Protection MUD -CAP 2.0 for Levo 2019-2021 alloy/carbon


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